The Power of One x 12

Gene Martin in the New Hampshire Senate, where he serves as the Democratic caucus director. Kaleb Hart ’11 photo.

Class president. Student trustee. Intern at the New Hampshire State House. President-Elect of the PSU Alumni Association. That’s an impressive track record for someone who recalls starting his college career as a shy young man, afraid to get involved. “Plymouth State helped me break out of my shell and prepared me to achieve my dream of a career in politics,” says Gene Martin ’09.

Martin made his first gift to PSU during his senior year. “Our class had life-changing experiences at Plymouth State and we wanted to ensure that future students had that chance too,” says Martin. “It made perfect sense to ask our classmates to give $20.09 to support student scholarships.”

Martin continues to support his alma mater, now through the University’s new monthly giving program. “It’s an affordable way for me to give back. $10 a month is roughly equal to 4 iced coffees,” he notes. “When you break it down like that, you realize you can give a meaningful gift that adds up.”

As the first in his family to attend college, Martin believes that all students should have the chance to earn a college degree. “I want to do my part in making sure someone like me can have that same opportunity.”

To make your own monthly gift to Plymouth State’s Annual Fund, please contact Diane Tiffany ’76 at (603) 535-2592 or