Plymouth State Top Graduating Senior Updates

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  • Personal and Professional Updates

    • We'd love to know where life has taken you since graduation. Please share your successes with us!
    • Be personal. Speak in the first person. Use language that's natural to you and be yourself.
    • Be brief. Keep responses to 200 words or less.
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  • If you've landed a new job, received a promotion, or retired, let us know the details. Include your company's name, your job title, or retirement information that summarizes your career.
  • Exchange vows? Include your names, class years, ceremony date, and location. Births or adoptions? Be sure to include your names and class years, child's name, son/daughter, and date of birth. We'd love to see a photo!
  • Furthered your education? Tell us where you attended, what you studied, when you graduated, and if you joined any honor societies. Received a special award or honor for your service or commitment to your community, your industry, your employer, or otherwise? Send the full name of the award, the date on which you received the award, a description of the selection criteria, and include a photo, if possible.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words! Please be sure to include a caption that includes each individual’s name and class year, the location of the picture, event date, or other descriptive information.
  • Participant Release

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