Anthony Koschmann

Anthony Koschmann ’02
BS Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Studies

When Anthony Koschmann’s ’02 started his college search, he set his sights on a location close to home and one where he’d be able to really get to know students, faculty, and staff. “Although I was accepted at more than a dozen schools in New England fitting this description, Plymouth really made the effort to have me enroll, with genuine personal follow ups,” he recalls. Koschmann has displayed an insatiable eagerness to learn since graduating from Plymouth State—earning his master’s degree in television, radio, and film in 2003, an MBA from Indiana University in 2008, and is currently working toward his PhD in marketing from Emory University.

“Being named a Top Graduating Senior was a tremendous honor, as well as a surprise,” he says. “It was a recognition of how hard I had worked, and also a vindication for those who wanted to see me maximize my potential.”

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