Painting (Minor)

Painting (Minor)
Painting area for students

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
Complete one of the following: 3-4
AR 1045
Art Foundations 2D: Composition and Content
AR 1075
Art Foundations Drawing: Line and Language
AR 1065
Art Foundations 3D: Design and Meaning
AR 1080
Art Foundations: Digital and New Media (TECO)
AG 2100
Design Software Basics (TECO)
ARDI 1250
Creativity in Visual Art (CTDI)
ARDI 1400
The Art of Sketching (CTDI)
AH 1150
Art History Foundations: Prehistory to 1400 (GACO)
AH 1160
Art History Foundations: 1400-1940
AH 3000
Contemporary Art Since 1940 (GACO,WRCO)
AR 3015Painting4
AR 3125Painting: Process Exploration4
AR 3940Advanced Studio4
Total Credits15-16

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