Facilities Chart

RoomSeated CapacityRoom LayoutAudio/Visual PresentationElevatorAC
ALLWell North Davis Track6000Movable - contact E&CPcontact E&CPYesNo
Boyd Hall 00150Fixed - auditorium option 1Basic CartYesYes
Boyd Hall 144268Fixed - auditorium option 2Basic CartYesYes
Bradford Room - Centre Lodge54Fixed - boardroom/work stationBYO DeviceNo*Yes
Frost Commons - Robert Frost House45Movable - banquet option 1BYO DeviceNo*Yes
Heritage Commons - Samuel Read Hall80Default - banquet option 1BYO DeviceNo*No
200Movable - theatre option 2
40Movable - hollow square
HUB 12320Fixed - hollow squareBYO DeviceYesYes
HUB Courtroom782Movable - contact E&CPcontact E&CPYesYes
HUB Fireplace Lounge40Movable - theatre styleBYO DeviceYesYes
HUB Hage Room80Default - banquet option 1Basic Cart
160Movable - theatre option 2YesYes
HUB Student Senate Room42Fixed - hollow squareBYO DeviceYesYes
HUB Tower Room12Fixed - boardromcontact E&CPYesYes
Hyde Hall 12063Fixed - auditorium option 2Basic CartYesYes
Hyde Hall 220168Fixed - auditorium option 2Basic CartYesYes
Ice Arena Common Man RoomMovable - reception styleBYO DeviceYesYes
Movable - hollow square
50Movable - theatre style
Ice Arena Welcome Center (Lobby)160Movable - banquet option 1contact E&CPYesYes
220Movable - theatre option 2
Lamson Library Room 12436Fixed - classsroom option 2Basic CartYesYes
Lamson Library Tower Room 20224Fixed - boardromcontact E&CPYesYes
Merrill Place Conference Room192Movable - banquet option 1contact E&CPYesYes
360Movable - theatre option 2
Movable - exhibition
Museum of the White MountainsMovable - receptioncontact E&CPYesYes
60Movable - banquet option 1
P.E. Center Foley Gym2995Bleacherscontact E&CPNo*No
Prospect Dining Hall Newfound Room168Fixed - banquet option 1Basic CartNo*Yes
Silver Center Hanaway Theatre665Fixed - theatrecontact E&CPYesYes
Silver Center Recital Hall174Fixed - theatrecontact E&CPYesYes
Silver Center Studio Theatre114Fixed - theatrecontact E&CPYesYes
*All meeting rooms are ADA compliant.