Cross-Discipline Teaching Groups

Many concerns we have about teaching and learning cross disciplinary lines. Engaging in focused conversation with colleagues across the university can help us understand problems and find solutions. Like Reflective Practice, these groups meet regularly to deepen and develop our own learning as we strive to be better teachers. For more information about a particular group, contact the coordinator below or CETL directly.
Ipad users Group
Course redesign group
Contemplative Pedagogy group


Open Topic Group

This group meets once a month on Fridays at 1:30. You are welcome to bring any topic of interest to the group for reflection. Contact Wendy Palmquist ( for more information.

Don’t see your group on here? Would you like help finding a group? Feel free to contact us with information or questions!


iPad Users Group

Come to the next meeting to hear how iPads are used inside and outside the classroom. Get connected with people who have solved problems with their tablet, and share your success stories and favorite apps. This is a fun group! Check out the CETL workshop calendar for meeting details!

Click here to check out the spreadsheet we started to connect you with people who can help you and also need your help. Feel free to edit the document! This will help identify topics for future meetings.

60 Educational Apps for you to explore:

Click here for a supporting document for the 60 Educational Apps in 60 Minutes above.

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