Our Strategic Goals

The Center for Rural Partnerships:  Innovative support and scholarship for local communities

Vision Our rural communities will thrive in part because the Center for Rural Partnerships crafts dialogue, engagement, and collaborative projects that unite community members. The Center for Rural Partnerships will be known as the regional leader in engaged rural scholarship, offering students an opportunity to apply their coursework and faculty members an opportunity to apply their teaching, service, and research for the benefit of rural communities.

Mission Statement The Center for Rural Partnerships dedicates Plymouth State University’s research, outreach, and educational capacities to foster collaborative projects that promote community resilience, opportunity, and a high quality of life in rural New Hampshire.

Guiding Principles of the Center for Rural Partnerships

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources between and among the rural communities of New Hampshire.
  • To build economic, educational and cultural resilience among the citizens and communities of rural New Hampshire.
  • To celebrate the cultural, historical and geographic diversity of rural New Hampshire.
  • To strengthen educational opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students throughout Northern New England.
  • To position PSU as the regional leader in student engagement, service learning, and community outreach

Our Strategic Goals 2013-2015

  • Goal #1: Develop partnerships with and among local, regional, and global stakeholders that promote healthy people, places, and economies in rural New Hampshire.
  • Goal #2: Position the CRP as a catalyst for faculty excellence in engaged, community-driven rural scholarship.
  • Goal #3: Create opportunities for students to engage in and serve rural New Hampshire through experiential learning, leadership development, and applied research.
  • Goal #4: Improve the CRP’s internal operations to more efficiently achieve our mission.
  • Goal #5: Develop communication materials that will share the success of PSU and our partners with wider audiences.


For our full strategic plan, click here: CRP Strategic Plan

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