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Haverhill as seen from Black Mountain

The Center for Rural Partnerships (CRP) at Plymouth State University is pleased to announce the second phase  of a community-based engagement project focused on the quality of life in the towns of Haverhill Corner, North Haverhill, Mountain Lakes and Woodsville.

The initial phase of the Haverhill Civic Forum consisted of a series of facilitated small group discussions in which residents identified topics of community importance for further public exploration.  These community conversations highlighted challenges and opportunities and laid a foundation for taking informed action. The participation of community members was much appreciated and provided valuable information for  shaping Phase II.

The second phase of the Haverhill Civic Forum calls for formation of a community member steering committee and short term projects that
leverage Plymouth State University resources to foster increased engagement and strengthen sense of place. The steering committee will receive community leadership training and aspire to develop a specific action plan to ultimately enhance quality of life for all residents in the Haverhill area.  If you are interested in serving as a member of the steering committee please join the Center for Rural Partnerships on February6th, 6:30pm at the Grafton County Complex and/or contact Rachelle Lyons at (603)535-3270 or rllyons@plymouth.edu.

Another highlight of Phase II is the Haverhill Photo project. This project aims to raise awareness of community opportunities and challenges, increase civic engagement, coalesce citizens efforts around shared values, and strengthen sense of place  for residents of the Greater Haverhill Area. Individuals are invited to document places within the community that they identify as central to their sense of place by submitting photographs  on the Haverhill Photo Project page. Analysis of these submissions will serve to identify key features valued by the residents. This project will provide a rich window into community values.  Resulting data will inform continuing efforts of community development with in the greater Haverhill area well beyond this initial call for images.

Guided by the photo submissions of the community, places of significance will be the focal point of an intensive drawing & painting study that pairs Plymouth State University art students with interested Haverhill residents. PSU students will host a community workshop centered on visual interpretation of the key features identified in the community submissions As a culminating event the collection of works will be revealed in a community art show. The resultant show will serve as a visual demonstration of what is collectively treasured by the community.

The Center for Rural Partnerships dedicates Plymouth State University’s research, outreach, and educational capacities to foster collaborative projects that promote community resilience, opportunity, and a high quality of life in rural New Hampshire.

Event Dates & Locations

Please join us on February 6th 6:30 pm @ Grafton County Complex to review the findings of Haverhill Civic Forum listening sessions and look ahead at the  Phase II efforts. Refreshments will be served. Questions or comments, please contact Rachelle Lyons at (603)535-3270 or rllyons@plymouth.edu .

For more information on the Haverhill Civic Forum, or to join the steering committee, please contact the Center for Rural Partnerships at crp-haverhill@plymouth.edu.

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