“Protecting the Forest Exhibition”
This is a traveling exhibition (also available online) researched and developed by Plymouth State University.

Beyond Brown Paper
Images of 20th century life and work in the pulp and paper industry, Berlin, New Hampshire.

Peeling Back the Bark
The Forest History Society has asked Dr. Bob Healy, co-author of The Lands Nobody Wanted to write a series of blog posts reflecting on his classic book and the future of the eastern national forests.

The Museum of the White Mountains
The museum preserves and promotes the unique history, culture, and environmental legacy of the region. It provides unique collections-based, archival, and digital learning resources serving researchers, students, and the public.

Weeks Legacy
This site was created by a diverse group of organizations celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Weeks Act and the United Nation’s International Year of the Forest.

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Weeks Act

The New Hampshire Troubadour
The NH Troubadour comes to you every month singing the praises of New Hampshire, a state whose beauty and opportunities should tempt you to come and share those good things that make life here so delightful.

Karl Drerup Art Gallery and Museum of the White

The accompanying activities are designed to use the history, stories, photographs, and conservation efforts resulting in the 1911 Weeks Act as a catalyst for exploration, investigation, and discussion of the importance of forested and natural areas. Students will explore the history of the conservation and progressive movement and the connections among its messages and actions and their own community and personal feelings about the environment and nature. They will look at the debates and arguments among the forest advocates and industry, and the role that sustainable forestry plays.

The activity and related questions are designed to meet a range of ages and abilities. It may be modified and changed to meet the needs of educators in their classroom and community.

Curriculum materials for teachers for Elementary Lessons

Curriculum materials for teachers for Middle School

Curriculum materials for teachers for High School