Recreating America’s Colonial Hydrologic History

December 1st, 2010 by June


Cover of December 1, 2010 issue of Environmental Science & Technology

Mark Green, assistant professor of hydrology at the Center for the Environment and research hydrologist at the US Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, is co-author of a feature article about historical hydrology in the December 1, 2010 journal Environmental Science & Technology.

The article, titled “Tapping Environmental History to Recreate America’s Colonial Hydrology”, describes the process used in a National Science Foundation funded research project that looked at recreating the colonial hydrologic history in America. Mark was the project leader and was responsible for coordinating a large team of interdisciplinary researchers. The team’s work provides a new way of uncovering the hydrology of the past and will lead to a better understanding of hydrologic systems now and in the future.

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