Interactions Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services, and Society: CFE part of major NSF project

March 30th, 2012 by June

Mark Green and Doug Earick are part of a team of people awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation on the “Interactions Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services, and Society.” This project is part of a five-year $20 million grant from NSF, to the University of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College, St. Anselm College and Plymouth State University for a statewide research and education project known as Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) to bring together researchers from around the state to better understand the environment and the complex interactions of the climate-ecological-human system as well as provide critical information for state decision makers.

Mark is the PI for PSU’s $845,000 portion of the grant and will lead the development of a network of 100 water quality sensors around New Hampshire streams and rivers. A team from the Center for the Environment will work with watershed groups, the White Mountain National Forest, students, and volunteers on developing the network of sensors. The sensors will measure water temperature, specific electrical conductivity and water height at a 5-minute frequency to provide information about the hydrology of watersheds around the state. Data from these sensors will also allow us to understand the impact of human activities (for example, land use or road salt application) on the hydrology and water quality across many streams and rivers in the State.

Doug will be involved with using the data collected to assist local schools in environmental education and the dissemination of the science through teacher summer institutes and through the development of partnerships with other 2-year/4-year institutions, public/private and formal/non-formal education providers throughout the state.

Errin Volitis has joined CFE to work on the project as a research technician. In addition, the grant will also fund a new faculty position in ecological economics.

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