CFE Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

September 5th, 2014 by June

Plymouth State University  students check water sensors as part of the Center for the Environment's work in collecting data from sites around New Hampshire.PLYMOUTH, N.H.–One of New Hampshire’s most effective environmental research and protection organizations celebrated its tenth anniversary August 29. The Center for the Environment (CFE) at Plymouth State University was created in 2004 to study the science, policies, culture, and economics of the natural environment in northern New England through research, education, and collaboration. In addressing a gathering at the Squam Lakes Association in Holderness, Plymouth State President Sara Jayne Steen said the CFE has provided expert support and expertise in environmental matters critical to the region and the state.

“Since 2004, the Center for the Environment has been a resource for research in New Hampshire’s ecosystem, providing critical information for decision makers and linking scientists and local state and federal agencies and the public,” noted Steen. “It is a key regional and state player in promoting a sustainable future, creating powerful partnerships that benefit the State of New Hampshire and communities throughout the region. Its cutting edge research focused on environmental science as it relates to New Hampshire’s ecosystem, society and economy has far reaching benefits that improve life in New Hampshire. And it is educating the next generation of environmental scientists.”

From left, Tom Burack, NH DES Commissioner, PSU President Sara Jayne Steen and CFE Director Joseph Boyer.

From left, Tom Burack, NH DES Commissioner, PSU President Sara Jayne Steen and CFE Director Joseph Boyer.

In the past decade, CFE’s efforts have directly benefited the people and environment of the Granite State, including projects on water quality, land conservation, acid rain, watershed protection and climate change.

President Steen stated the CFE has forged valuable partnerships in their environmental research and protection efforts, including White Mountain National Forest, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, and the NH Department of Environmental Services.

Steen also acknowledged Bertha Fauver of Plymouth and Sid Lovett of Holderness who advocated for the establishment of the CFE and helped in its creation.

Commissioner Tom Burack of the NH Department of Environmental Services, was the keynote speaker and praised CFE’s accomplishments.

“The Center is fundamentally doing what needs to be done here in the northern end of our Lakes Region and the gateway to the White Mountains,” Burack said. “Through numerous projects it is gathering and assessing data that helps local citizens, leaders and communities to better understand the health of their environment and to make better informed decisions about how the environment’s health can be improved.”

Burack also expressed excitement about continued collaboration with the CFE and its contributions to the state, “In many ways, part of DES’s dream would be to have a Center for the Environment in every part of the state.”

As for the CFE’s future, Director Joe Boyer said environmental awareness and sustainability issues are gaining support around the globe, particularly in the business community, and the CFE is promoting this idea.

“We need to encourage business and industry to become more a part of the ecosystem,” Boyer said. “Some corporations are already starting to recognize the benefits of this idea.”

Boyer added that the CFE’s future plans also include developing new environmental sensors.

“Environmental sensing technology is advancing rapidly and I think CFE can play a big part in this arena,” Boyer said. “To that end, we are in the process of re-purposing our main labs to begin developing new sensor technology and new sensor applications. The WatSen Lab will be a R&D test bed for developing cheap, yet sophisticated, sensors which can be deployed by the thousands across New Hampshire.”

Boyer also reminded the audience that public and private support is critical for CFE to continue to remain a cornerstone for environmental education. “We want to keep attracting bright and dedicated students to the program. To do that we need to increase our endowed fellowships and scholarship awards,” he said.

The CFE, which is located in the Russell House on the PSU campus, also sponsors and hosts the New Hampshire Water and Watershed Conference, an annual event held at the University.

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