Jason Cordeira

Dr. Jason Cordeira is an Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Affiliate Faculty at the Center for the Environment. Jason is an atmospheric scientist who specializes in multi-scale atmospheric characteristics of extreme weather events. Prior to joining PSU, Jason obtained his Ph.D. from the University at Albany in 2011, spent one year in Boulder, CO as a post-doc at the Water Cycle Branch of the NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory, and spent one year as a research meteorologist at a weather software company, EarthRisk Technologies, in San Diego, CA.

Jason’s primary research interests include better understanding and improving forecasts of the atmospheric processes conducive to (1) extreme precipitation events across the U.S. in association with “atmospheric rivers” and (2) extreme temperature events across the U.S. in association with heat waves and cold-air outbreaks. Jason will collaborate with members CFE members on projects that involve student participation in field and research studies seeking to better understand the causes and impacts of extreme weather events over New England.

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