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Associate Professor of Hydrology

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Plymouth State University
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Plymouth, NH 03264

Office: 202 Boyd Science Center
Phone: 603-535-3095
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  • B.S., Minnesota State University, Mankato, Biology
  • M.S., University of Nevada, Reno, Hydrology
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Water Resources Science

Professional Interests:

Mark is a hydrologist, focused on forests and their role in regulating water movement and water quality. He and his students study the hydrologic cycle using water tracing techniques and data mining of large public databases. He teaches graduate classes in data visualization, forest ecology, and watershed hydrology. A major aspect of Mark’s work is serving as a research hydrologist with the Northern Research Station of the U.S. Forest Service.


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Green, M.B., A.S. Bailey, S. Bailey, J.J. Battles, J.L. Campbell, C.T. Driscoll, T.J. Fahey, L. Lepine, G.E. Likens, S.V. Ollinger, and P. Schaberg. 2013. Decreased water flowing from a forest amended with calcium silicate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1302445110.
  • Wollheim, W.M., M.B. Green, B. Pellerin, C. Hopkinson, N. Morse. 2013. Impacts of ecosystem service regionalization on a suburban New England watershed through time. In revision for Estuaries and Coasts.
  • Yanai, R.D., C.R. Levine, M.B. Green, and J.L. Campbell. 2012. Quantifying uncertainty in forest nutrient budgets. Journal of Forestry, 110 (8): 448-456.
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  • Green, M.B. and J.C. Finlay, 2009. Patterns of hydrology controlling stream water total nitrogen to total phosphorus ratios, Biogeochemistry, 99 (1-3): 15-30.
  • Green, M.B. and D. Wang, 2008. Watershed flow paths and stream water nitrogen-to-phosphorus ratios under simulated precipitation regimes, Water Resources Research, 44, W12414, doi:10.1029/ 2007WR006139.
  • Green, M.B. and J.C. Finlay, 2008. Detecting characteristic hydrological and biogeochemical signals through nonparametric scatter plot analysis of normalized data, Water Resources Research, 44, W08455, doi:10.1029/2007WR006509.
  • Green, M.B., J.L. Nieber, G. Johnson, J. Magner, and B. Schaefer, 2007. Flow path influence on an N:P ratio in two headwater streams: A paired watershed study, Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, G03015, doi:10.1029/2007JG000403.
  • Green, M.B. and C.H. Fritsen, 2006. Spatial variation of nutrient balance in the Truckee River, California-Nevada, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 42 (3): 659-674.

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Green, M.B., W.M. Wollheim, N. Basu, G. Gettel, P.S. Rao, N. Morse, and R. Stewart, 2009. Effective denitrification scales predictably with water residence time across diverse systems. Available from Nature Precedings at
  • Green, M.B. and D.J. Bain. 2009. Measuring history….but which history? The Network News (Newsletter for the Long Term Ecological Research Network), available at,

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