Graduate Students


Klancey Burfordburford-klancey
Candidate, M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy
Advisor: Shannon Rogers
Education: B.S. in Environmental Science from Allegheny College, 2016

Klancey’s graduate research is focused on determining the value stakeholders place on small stream water quality improvement in the Great Bay Watershed. This blends her undergraduate focuses of environmental science and economics together, while learning new surveying techniques for this project. Other research interests include: ecological economics, sustainable development, and remediation work.


Christian Burns
Candidate, M.S. in Biological Sciences
Advisor: Len Reitsma
Education: B.S. Biological Sciences, Cornell University, 2008

Christian’s interests lie in the sexual dimorphism of birds, and in dissecting the phylogenetic trends of various traits. Additionally, he is interested in conservation biology and reproductive biology, as it relates to birds.


Noah El-naboulsi
Candidate, M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy
Advisor: Shannon Rogers
Education: B.A. in Environmental Studies, Saint Michael’s College, Vermont

Noah’s research focuses on determining which geographic and demographic characteristics affect people’s valuation of ecosystem services in the Great Bay Watershed. He is also interested in urban planning, community engagement, and ecosystem restoration.


Roy FruitRoy Fruit
Candidate, M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy
Advisor: Dr. Amy Villamagna, Dr. Brigid O’Donnell
Education: B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Kent State University, 2013

As an undergraduate, Roy spent several years working in aquatic ecology, specifically studying algal blooms across the state of Ohio. He is now part of a new project bringing members of the Environmental Science & Policy and Biology departments at Plymouth State University together to study anthropogenic impacts on freshwater organisms and their environment. His research focuses on the expression of stress proteins in mayflies as a bioindicator of the impact of road salts on New Hampshire stream communities. He is interested in the patterns of protein expression, impacts of climate change on ecosystems, environmental outreach, and macroinvertebrate assemblages as a function of water quality.


Chris GonzalezChris Gonzalez
Candidate, M.S. in Biology
Advisor: Brigid O’Donnell
B.S., Biology, Plymouth State University, 2014 with minors in Political Science, Pre-law, and Chemistry

As a student of evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo), Chris study the relationship between evolution and development, with a particular focus on arthropod body plans and appendages. In addition, he is interested in how Evo-Devo is impacted by the environment and environmental changes (a subfield known as Eco-Evo-Devo). By using the unique body plan and evolutionary history of mayflies as a case example, he hopes to improve our understanding of evolution and how evolutionary change can occur.


Matt MazzoneMatt Mazzone
Candidate, M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy
Advisor: Amy Villamagna

Matt’s research project focuses on how road salt runoff effects the freshwater aquatic ecosystems in New Hampshire. He is also interested in: community dynamics, water quality, and population ecology.


tyler-simondsTyler Simonds
Candidate, MS in Environmental Science & Policy
Education: BSE in Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Michigan, Certificate in Conservation Stewardship, Michigan State University

Tyler’s formal education is in engineering, and he has also been exposed to a number of other fields like language studies and conservation. For a couple years during college he worked in a zooplankton lab. He is interested in: hydrology (physical characteristics primarily), urban-rural dynamics, macrobiota, nature in urban environments, sustainable development, conservation, social psychology and communication.

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