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August 29th, 2013 by Eric

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Professional Development Events

Round-Tables for PSU Staff

There will be three 90-minute round-tables for PSU staff members during the summer of 2017.  The round-tables will consist of short presentations and introductions followed by a series of activities for participants.  The idea is to engage in discussions and brainstorm together and to learn from and with each other.  The discussions will be confidential and hopefully meaningful and fun for all participants.  Come and find out how you can grow at PSU.

Emails will go out one week prior to the round-tables for you to register.  If you want to attend but cannot make it, please let us know and we will schedule additional sessions at alternate times.  Also, if you have ideas about other sessions you would like, please let us know.

Topics and times for these roundtables are as follows:

Searching for Opportunities of Personal and Professional Growth

10:30am on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In this round-table you will learn more about yourself, what drives you in life, and how your job could be aligned with your personal goals. We will do some activities that will help you identify your strengths, articulate who you are, and what you want.  Following that we will focus on strategies of personal growth and how your current position may be a vehicle for this.  What do you need in your profession to grow?  So come and find out where and how you can get support for this growth at PSU and thus excel in your everyday job.

Effective Communication Strategies

10:30am on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In this round-table you will identify your preferred communication style and talk with colleagues who share or challenge your style.  We will do some fun, yet meaningful activities and determine why it is easy to talk with certain individuals, yet sometimes impossible to relate to others.  Come and learn strategies of conversing with a variety of different people.  It might turn out that just changing your style of talking might lead to more meaningful conversations with your boss.

Working with Faculty

10:30am on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Although it would be wonderful to work harmoniously with faculty members at PSU, breaking the ice is sometimes difficult, especially when you do not know what the other person does in their daily work-life.  As staff members of PSU, you probably care about doing your job well and about contributing to students’ lives.  So in this round-table you will share what you are passionate about with your colleagues and learn about faculty perspectives.  Hopefully you will discover that you actually have lots of things in common with faculty.