Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Plymouth State University is in the process of developing, supporting, and advancing a campus-wide Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice, to be led by a new cabinet-level position. A nationwide search is currently underway and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

The Center for Diversity, Equity and Social Justice will be a prominent, centrally located, physical space with facilities for meetings, programming and an area where students can gather more informally. The dedication of this physical space and its placement at the center of our campus will constitute a testimony to the value we place on diversity, how we center (physically and metaphorically) the needs of students with marginalized identities and our support for diversity programming. The work of this center will be fully integrated with all relevant PSU offices and departments. This will ensure an integrated effort on the part of all stakeholders and avoid relegating diversity issues to the center as an end in itself.


Realize a Plymouth State community where we are all challenged to learn, respect, and understand diverse experiences that foster personal growth and support a sense of belonging.

The center will:

  1. Educate the campus community and beyond on issues relevant to diversity, equity, and social justice
  2. Develop, evaluate, and update University policies, procedures, and practices in issues related to diversity, equity, and social justice
  3. Collect, track, and maintain data about student behavioral and academic disciplinary actions
  4. Recruit, hire, and retain faculty and staff from underrepresented groups
  5. Enroll, support, and graduate diverse students
  6. Develop and integrate social justice pedagogy, curriculum, and programming across the University, with academic and co-curricular instances