Student Affinity Groups

  • Black Student Union
  • Latinx Student Union
  • PSU Pride
  • Multicultural Club

Social Justice Leadership

The Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice has a limited number of positions each semester for students. These are paid positions that focus on elevating attention to issues pertaining to marginalized students. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Alberto Ramos (

Multicultural Student Council

The purpose of the Multicultural Student Council (MSC) is to advise the University president and Cabinet members on issues affecting the Plymouth State University community related to diversity, equity, and social justice from the viewpoint of multicultural students. In addition, the MSC recommendations will help inform the University’s priorities, planning, and budgeting processes

Diversity Scholarships

Eugene P. Martin Sr. ’09P and Natalie J. Martin ’09P Scholarship

The Eugene P. Martin Sr. ’09P and Natalie J. Martin ’09P Scholarship (Scholarship) was established by their eldest son, Eugene P. Martin Jr. ’09.

Eugene P. Martin Sr. ’09P and Natalie J. Martin ’09P were born in 1960 and 1963. They were both raised in Chelsea, MA, where they met in high school and were married on June 16, 1984. Eugene and Natalie went on to have three sons: Eugene P. Martin Jr. ’09, Corey R. Martin, and Trevar F. Martin. In September of 1999, they purchased a home in Manchester, New Hampshire, to provide a better life for their three sons. While neither of them earned a college degree, they both instilled the value of a college education in their eldest son, who went on to be the first person in his family to receive a college degree. Life often sent their family many challenges; however, Eugene and Natalie continued to do whatever was possible to support their children so they could have a better life and more opportunities than they had.

In that spirit of providing an opportunity for others, this scholarship honors Eugene and Natalie by eliminating financial barriers for a historically underrepresented student, so recipients go on to achieve anything they desire.


The scholarship recipient shall be an undergraduate student in good academic standing, i.e., maintains a GPA that allows progression in their degree program, who has any level of financial need, i.e., does not have to be PELL-eligible, as determined by the PSU Financial Aid Office. Preference shall be given to a historically underrepresented student who meets the stated criteria. For the purposes of this scholarship, “historically underrepresented” means a student who identifies as one of the following groups: Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Americans, or Asian and Pacific Islanders.


The Scholarship Committee of the Plymouth State University Alumni Association Board of Directors shall select a recipient based on the stated criteria. It is the donor’s express wish the scholarship is included in the list of University scholarships and that student applicants answer the following questions as part of their brief scholarship application: 1) Share why it is important for you to receive a college education and what specifically it will mean for you personally and your family?

2)  As a future PSU alumnus, how do you plan to help future PSU students in order to pay it forward?

3) Self-disclosure opinion to confirm how they meet the scholarship’s stated criteria via multiple selection options of ethnicity and race or another practicable method.

Should the unlikely situation arise in which no Plymouth State students meet the selection criteria in a given year or eligible students do not complete the application process, the funds shall be retained for award in the next semester or academic year, according to the PSU Alumni Association Board Scholarship Committee’s discretion.

Hage Fund

Richard T. and Patricia H. Hage Fund for Diversity and International Initiatives


The purpose of the Richard T. and Patricia H. Hage Fund for Diversity and International Initiatives is to provide vital support to students and the campus in the areas in which Dick and Pat have made such vital contributions themselves—diversity, internationalization, academic support services, educational access, and leadership.  

The fund will support projects related to creating an environment in which students can learn leadership skills as related to their lives as citizens, as well as their careers.  Such initiatives could reach across skills and awareness training re: diversity issues, focus on students served specifically through the PASS program, and / or provide opportunities for leadership development among student organizations, including the Dean of Students Office, the PASS office, the Bagley Center, and others to be identified. The fund may also be used to support travel, student fees, and related expenses associated with international students attending PSU.   


Students would be selected for award by an application and evaluation process to be determined but likely incorporating Student Affairs and PASS staff members, among other campus representatives.  A committee chair or other leader will be selected to oversee the process and coordinate reporting through University Advancement.