Media Relations

Through media relations, we collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to develop content that promotes outstanding research, innovative programs, and significant awards or recognition to local, regional, national, and international media organizations.

Communication & Marketing’s media relations aim to:

  • Issue news releases, media advisories, and emergency/crisis communications.
  • Promote Plymouth State University faculty experts and thought leaders with print, broadcast, and digital media.
  • Assist members of the Plymouth State University community in their interactions with the media.
News MediaFaculty and Staff
Members of the news media are welcome on the Plymouth State University campus but must arrange all visits through the Communications & Marketing Director at (603) 535-2888. Permission is required for news media access to all university facilities at the Plymouth and Holderness campuses. Broadcast crews must obtain prior permission from the Communications & Marketing to film or broadcast live from campus.

Commercial Photo and Video
All commercial, non-news photography or videotaping must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Communications, Enrollment & Student Life at (603) 535-2475.

Photos and Video
Plymouth State University photos and video footage may be made available to media upon request through the Communications & Marketing Director at (603) 535-2888. Other available resources include: Plymouth State University photo gallery.

PSU Experts
Plymouth State University faculty and staff are available to speak to the media and provide expert analysis on a broad range of topics, including the arts, sciences, business, and education. To identify an expert source for your story or to arrange an interview, contact the Communications & Marketing Director at (603) 535-2888.

Experts In

Freedom of Information Act/Right to Know Requests
Plymouth State University follows the policy set by the University System of New Hampshire for all Freedom of Information Act/Right to Know requests.

For PSU to respond in a timely manner to your request, we must specifically know what you are requesting so it can be directed to the most appropriate person/department.

Requests must be submitted to the Communications & Marketing Director.

All news and information to be released to the media from PSU should be coordinated through the Communications & Marketing team. If you’re contacted directly by a member of the media, let us know so we can assist with scheduling interviews, drafting talking points, and offer tips to ensure your experience is successful.