College of Arts & Sciences

Founded upon the values and traditions of the liberal arts and a commitment to life-long learning and civic responsibility, The PSU College of Arts and Sciences provides a broad and deep education in the arts, humanities, and sciences. The College champions independence of thought and reasoning, encourages effective and relevant communication using the best tools at hand, and fosters appreciation for the breadth and creativity of human endeavor.

Reflecting its mission and values, the College:

  • Honors the PSU tradition of learner-centeredness;
  • Offers innovative and exemplary programs to prepare the next generation of citizens and professionals for the challenges of the future;
  • Encourages and recognizes excellence in teaching, mentorship, scholarship, creative activity, and research;
  • Provides service learning, internships, and research experiences;
  • Extends opportunities for students and faculty to engage in national and international partnerships and exchanges;
  • Develops partnerships with private and public organizations that advance the University‚Äôs service mission and benefit the local and regional community;
  • Fosters sustainability, a sense of place, and stewardship of the natural world;
  • Prepares our students to lead ethically responsible lives in a diverse and rapidly changing global community.
Cynthia Vascak

Dean Cynthia Vascak

Kristen Hersom
Administrative Assistant

Office of the Academic Deans
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