Faculty Forum about Collective Bargaining – September 22, 2010

September 23rd, 2010 by Scott

This post contains all of the materials were distributed before and during the Faculty Forum about Collective Bargaining that we held on September 22. Panelists included Deanna Wood (UNH), Pat Shaw (Associate Secretary of the National AAUP), Pat Dolenc (President of the Keene State Education Association), and Chuck Weed (also of KSC).

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Audio Recording of the Faculty Forum:

  • Part 1 – This segment includes opening remarks and introductions from Scott Coykendall, as well as Chuck Weed’s (KSC) and  Pat Dolenc’s (KSC) opening remarks. (25:07)
  • Part 2 – This segment includes Deanna Wood’s (UNH) and Pat Shaw’s (AAUP) opening remarks. (20:54)
  • Part 3 – This segment begins the Q&A with questions from Bob Egbert, Trent Boggess, Becky Noel and Mark Fischler. (19:32)
  • Part 4 – This segment concludes the forum with comments/questions from Terry Downs, Elliott Gruner, Eric Hoffman, Duncan McDougal and Len Reitsma. (21:18)

Documents provided by Pat Shaw:

Collective Bargaining Agreements:

Statements/questions submitted electronically:


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