Non Credit Community Courses for Adults

Upcoming Classes

Water-based Printmaking and Painting
Instructor: Annette Mitchell
Dates: July 10th- 20th, 2017 
Time: 9am-1:10pm
Cost: $400 (includes $35 materials fee and stipends for visiting artists)
Location: Draper & Maynard Rooms 201 and 202
Creative methods for printing and painting with water-based media will be presented and explored through daily demonstrations and discussions. The course will offer students with diverse backgrounds and interests new methods for further personal discovery. Individuals will be encouraged to create artwork that expresses their own particular vision, while exploring topics as a group and enjoying the support and resources of a community of artists. Because the class lasts only nine days, students will be welcome to continue working in the D&M space (if desired) beyond class hours.
To Register:Sorry this course is full.
Slip Casting and Moldmaking         
Instructor: Rachel Montroy
Dates: June 6th-30th
Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays  9am-1:45pm
Cost: $575
Location: D&M 109
Register here: this hands-on intensive, you will experience the unique properties of slip casting through creating sculptural or functional ceramic objects.  We will begin by practicing with pre-made plaster molds, then learn how to create your own molds from found objects and from your own unique designs.  Historical and contemporary approaches will be taught throughout the course.Rachel Montroy has a ceramics studio at the Currier Museum Art Center in Manchester, NH. She creates sculptures and functional pottery that are largely abstracted from the natural world. Rachel received a Bachelor of Art in Studio Arts with a concentration in Ceramics in 2006 from the University of New Hampshire. In 2008, she received a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.
Advanced Study of Thrown and/or Hand-Built Ceramic Form          Instructor: Penny Huynen
Dates:   Mondays June 12-August 7
and Saturdays July 22 & August 5  (please note no class on July 10th)
Times: Monday 5:30pm- 8:30pm  & Saturdays 8am-3pm
Cost: $745
Location: D&M 109 Register here: Functional and conceptual design in ceramic artwork will be investigated with an emphasis on advanced throwing and/or hand-building techniques, glazing and surface design. Historical and contemporary approaches will be explored in research assignments and applied to personal work. Additional topics include ceramic technology (clay bodies, glaze development, kiln firing) and the chemistry of glazes. Consideration of the principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of the ceramic form, function and craftsmanship will be examined. Students will have access to the studio throughout the duration of the course.  Additional $45 materials fee.Penny Huynen has been working with ceramics for over 40 years and teaching all levels from children to graduate students. She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Kansas City Art Institute and a Master’s of Fine Art from Kent State University. Penny’s ceramic experiences are vast and varied including being a juried artist at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia and The Europoen Ceramic Work Center in s’Hertgenbosh, Netherlands.  She is also co-owner of the Community Clay Center a teaching studio and gallery in Plymouth, NH.


Screen Printing Intensive                                                   Instructor: Kimberly Ritchie
Dates: June 26th -30th
Times:  9am – 4:30pm
Cost: $550
Location: D&M 301 & 311
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Students will learn a variety of exciting non-toxic water based silkscreening methods that can be done in the classroom or at home. Preparing screens, mixing ink, ink transparency, layering, multi-color registration, and editioning prints will be covered.  Daily activities include hands-on demonstrations, open studio time with instructor support, informal group discussions, and personal instruction.  Course fee covers all supplies except printmaking paper.

Kimberly Anderson Ritchie is the Coordinator of the Printmaking Program at PSU and teaches within the Printmaking Program as well as a variety of other classes within the Art Department. Ritchie’s curiosity, love, and respect for the natural environment has directed her artistic practice, which focuses on a visual response to the natural environment. Her main focus is producing artwork that brings attention to an array of environmental issues. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States, attended artist residencies, participated in numerous printmaking portfolio exchanges, presented at conferences, and is involved in University and community service.


Drawing the Line/Landscape in Watermedia
Instructor: Kathi Smith
Dates: July 24th-28th 2017
Times: MTWF 9-4 Thursday  8-6 (extended day Museum trip)
Cost: $650
Location: D&M 311
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Develop your eye in seeing and your hand in drawing by translating the landscape before you into strong compositions of the land, water, and sky.  In this 5-day workshop students will explore landscape vistas in the White Mountains of New Hampshire using primarily the language of line and drawing as they visually deconstruct the landscape.  Subjects will include mountains, water, gardens, woods and surrounding areas.  Students will be working on location in the mediums of ink, pencil, and watercolor on small-scale works.   Beginning with a focus on line-work and line-quality, students will develop refined value drawings of each site as they study different compositions.  During days 2 and 3 students will incorporate color and light as they see it to new drawings and paintings at the same locations.  A perfect workshop for those wanting to hone their skills in observational drawing, as well as seeing and depicting color relationships and shapes within the landscape.
Kathi Smith is a New England artist and educator. Smith’s work reflects her landscape, in which she invites close observation of familiar-seeming places and their narratives.


Encaustic and Mixed Media                                                                               Instructor: Kim Bernard
Dates:   Aug 14th -18th
Times: 9am-4:30pm  MTWTF
Cost: $400
Location: D&M 122
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Encaustic, meaning, “to burn in” in Greek, dates back to the 5th Century BC.  Used as a contemporary medium it is a versatile method of painting with a beeswax based paint kept molten on a heated palette.  Participants will learn to build and prepare supports, make medium and encaustic paint, mix colors, apply wax, fuse, etch, layer, combine collage and assemblage, transfer Xerox images and incorporate found objects, create texture and apply encaustic to 3-D forms.

Kim Bernard shows her sculpture, installations and encaustic works nationally including the Portland Museum of Art, Currier Museum of Art, Fuller Craft Museum, Colby College Museum of Art, Art Complex Museum and UNH Museum of Art.  Her work has been reviewed in the Boston Globe, Art News and featured in Art New England. Bernard is the recipient of the Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant, a NEFA grant, several Maine Arts Commission Grants and was an artist-in-residence in the Physics Department at Harvard University in 2015-16 and is currently the artist-in-residence at the University of New England. She received her BFA from Parsons in 1987, her MFA from Mass Art in 2010 and currently teaches at the Maine College of Art.


Theatrical Combat Camp for Adults
Instructor: Jim Gleich
Dates: Monday through Friday, August 7th -11th
Times: 4:15 – 6:00
Ages: 15 and over
Cost: $95
Location: Silver Hall Dance Studio                                                                                                                         Register here:
Jim Gleich has been involved with theatre for many years and has intensely studied the art of theatrical/stage combat. These are specialized techniques designed to create the illusion of physical combat without causing harm to the performers. The term is also used informally to describe fight choreography for film and television. It is a common field of study for actors and dancers and is closely related to the practice of stunts. Participants will be learning the basic skills of Hand-to-Hand combat, rolling, simple falls, choreography notation/analysis, stage combat history, and introduction to single sword techniques.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a pad and pencil for notes.


Learn to Swim and Stroke Improvement – Adult Swim Lessons
Instructor: Celeste St. Pierre
Dates:  Wednesdays June 21st- Aug 2nd
Times:  9:15–10:15 a.m.
Cost: $150 (includes lifeguard fee)
Location: PSU P.E Center pool
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This 6 week class takes you through the Total Immersion drills and strategies for full stroke freestyle. Celeste gives you the skills to gradually build your Freestyle and backstroke strokes. Over time, the results will be strokes that are faster, easier, and more efficient for the long haul. You will learn your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
You will learn the four key skills of a Fishlike Freestyle:

  1. Cooperate with Gravity – don’t fight gravity trying to swim, but find your natural equilibrium by sinking into weightlessness. Learning to relax into the water breaks the “survival – stroking” cycle, and frees your arms and legs for their best use.
  2. Take the Path of Least Resistance – Once you understand that you must swim through the water — water is almost 800 times denser than air — focus more on how well you streamline than how you pull and kick. Learn to shape yourself to cut through the water like a torpedo by alternating a right-side-streamline with a left-side-streamline. Each stroke will move you farther and faster with less effort.
    3. Swim with your whole body – You swim with your whole body, instead of your arms and legs. Celeste will teach you to propel with a simple 2-beat kick, relaxed and rhythmic weight shifts, rather than arm-and leg churning.
    4. Breathe easy – Learn the skills for breathing easily as you swim. With practice, you will experience less breathlessness. The air is free, take all you need!

For more information, contact Rachelle Lyons at (603) 535-3270 or