Contact Tracing

Important Information

  • Contact tracing involves the investigation of positive cases of COVID-19 and identifying people who may have been in close contact for 10 or more minutes.
  • Students who are isolating or quarantining are encouraged to do so at their home whenever possible.
  • If isolating or quarantining at home is not possible, temporary off-campus housing may be available. The PSU Contact Tracing Team will coordinate food service and other logistics.
  • You cannot test out of quarantine or isolation. If you receive a negative test while in quarantine, you are still required by NH DHHS to complete your quarantine. Those in isolation are not recommended to test, however, should you choose to test outside of PSU and receive a negative test result, you are required you complete your isolation prior to returning to campus.
Proper Social Distancing
Calculating your Isolation and Quarantine Dates

You are required to isolate and quarantine for ten full days.

It is Plymouth State’s policy to count your positive test date as day zero of your isolation. You should anticipate a phone call from NH DHHS to discuss your positive test result, symptoms, and close contacts. Please be mindful that your end of isolation date is set by PSU.

Your quarantine starts the day after your last date of exposure to a positive case.

Please review the FAQ for more information.

What questions do contact tracers ask COVID-positive individuals?

  • Do you have symptoms?
  • Can you identify specific individuals with whom you have had direct contact with in the 48-hours prior to your positive test or onset of your symptoms?
  • Did you attend any in-person classes, meetings, gatherings, or events on campus, at your workplace, or in other group settings?

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General Contact Tracing Process

  • When a positive case occurs, the individual is contacted by a member of the Contact Tracing Team.
  • The contact tracer works with the individual to identify anyone in the Plymouth State community who they have been in close contact with during the 48-hour period prior to the positive test or the onset of symptoms.
  • The contact tracer reaches out to all identified PSU close contacts.
  • Current guidance does not require quarantining secondary contacts (i.e. close contacts of close contacts).
  • Time is of the essence and PSU’s Contact Tracing Team will be making outreach throughout the day. If you believe that you should be contacted and/or if you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, please e-mail immediately. You can call (603) 535- 2409 M-F from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m only.
What is a close contact?

A close contact is defined as being within less than 6 feet of a COVID-positive individual for 10 minutes or more. Examples of situations that might lead to a close contact include:

  • Sharing an office space in close proximity
  • Sitting together at a lab bench
  • Eating or sleeping together in a dorm room
  • Physical contact, such as hugging or kissing
  • Driving in a car together
Close Contact