COVID-19 Testing for Students, Faculty, and Staff

We’ve worked closely with the New Hampshire state epidemiologist and the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) and have put a robust plan in place. Testing is paid for by Plymouth State University.

Spring 2022 Update

  • All students, faculty, and staff will be required to have a negative PCR test the week before classes begin. Mandatory PCR testing will take place on Tuesday, January 11, and Friday through Sunday, January 14–16.
  • Weekly mandatory PCR testing will take place through at least the week of February 13 and can be extended as needed. 

Due to the increase of positive cases in the State of NH, the demand for COVID19 testing has also increased.  In order to continue to provide the PSU campus community with timely turnaround time for COVID19 test results, we have transitioned our laboratory from the Durham (UNH) campus to the Manchester (UNH) Campus.   This transition allows for equally accurate and effective testing while maintaining the ability to provide timely test results. 


Test result notification will be communicated in exactly the same way as they have been – via text message and/or email.  The delivery method(s) you prefer (text/email) have been, and will continue to be, asked at registration when you attend an on campus testing event.


When you receive your test results there will be a change with the language used to identify positive vs negative results.  Please see the chart below.

Previous: Test ResultPrevious: Test ResultNow (Spring 2022)Now (Spring 2022)
PositiveDetected*Recommended for Diagnostic TestingAbnormal
NegativeNot-DetectedNot Recommended for Diagnostic TestingNormal

Recommended for Diagnostic Testing = Positive/Detected but is not an official positive result.   Those that receive a result stating “recommended for diagnostic testing” will be treated as positive and required to isolate while their sample receives additional confirmation testing per regulatory requirements. There is no need for additional swabbing the confirmation test is performed on your original sample.

Please Note: The testing process at the UNH Manchester lab is not CLIA certified.  This means that the tests (both positive and negative) are not considered diagnostic tests.  It is incredibly important to note that this does not affect the accuracy of your test, just what the test can be used for.  These tests may not be accepted for travel purposes or other activities that have specific testing requirements outside of the University.  Please know that this transition is necessary to continue to provide timely COVID-19 testing for our campus community and to properly manage this pandemic.

Symptomatic Rapid Testing will be available throughout the semester to anyone who is exhibiting symptoms. This testing will happen at PSU Health Services.

Surveillance TestingBINAXNow Testing

Mandatory Testing Week

Some weeks will be an all campus mandatory COVID-19 PCR Testing week.  

This testing is MANDATORY for all Students, Faculty, and Staff regardless of vaccination status.  

Testing is closed each day from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. for a lunch break for the testing staff.

Any student, faculty or staff who have face-to-face interactions on campus are required to test during mandatory testing periods. This includes off-campus students, commuter students and any student coming to campus for any reason.

Panther Pass

As of Thursday, October 21, 2021, Plymouth State students will be asked to use the Panther Pass APP to show that you are in compliance with our COVID-19 testing requirements. The Panther Pass will indicate that you have recently been tested for COVID-19, but not whether you’ve tested positive or negative. The Panther Pass will take the place of the colored wristbands that we’ve been using over the past year.

Have you recently tested positive?

  • If you have previously tested positive you are not required to re-test for a period of 90 days from the date of your positive test result.
  • To receive your wristband please come to the HUB during the testing hours indicated in this email.

BinaxNow Testing

If you are required to participate in testing this week you will have an email from with further information and instructions. Please check your Plymouth State email now to determine if you are required to test this week.

If you haven’t taken your BinaxNOW test by this time please email to get instructions on next steps.

Reminder:  If you haven’t submitted a proof of COVID-19 vaccination to PSU you are required to take a BinaxNOW test this week.  Students who do not complete the required test this week are at risk of losing access to campus.

Here is What You Need To Do:

How to pick up your BinaxNOW test kits:

Location: Belknap Residence Hall (Parking Lot Entrance-Rear)

Please proceed past the basketball court and to the glass entrance. A separate door to the right of the main entrance reads: BinaxNOW tests here.

You will need your PSU ID in order to pick up your test kits, and you may not pick up test kits for another person.

All students will utilize BinaxNOW antigen self-test cards for testing throughout the semester.

  • Students and employees who have not shared proof of vaccination will be required to test weekly with the BinaxNOW self-tests.
  • Students and employees who have submitted proof of vaccination will be tested randomly throughout the semester utilizing the BinaxNOW tests. Approximately 25% of the vaccinated campus population will be tested each week.
  • Any person who tests positive with the BinaxNOW tests will be considered positive. A second test is not recommended by NH DHHS.

Determine Your Testing Frequency

Testing requirements may change throughout the semester dependent on community transmission and local, state, and national guidelines.

Questions about testing should be e-mailed to