This is a 100% online course that focuses on the management of police agencies, some of the topics will include (but not limited to) labor relations, community relations, personnel management, fiscal administration, and the integration of internal and external operations. While it’s primary focus is on law-enforcement these techniques can be utilized in various criminal justice agencies. More specifically the course examines the role of the successful professional manager in administration by covering selected topics in management theory; organizational culture; leadership styles; problem-solving; technology; recruitment, training and education. In addition issues in ethics; diversity; stress, and deviance are examined within the context of these topics to insure a well-rounded experience. The course will utilize a theoretical, philosophical and practical approach to policing in modern society. There is an emphasis on police personnel and relationships with a diverse community by examining the complexity of encounters between police officers and members of racial and ethnic minority groups; the history of police minority relations, with an ancillary look at difficulties and consequences of attracting and hiring minority and women police officers.