Welcome to the Stress Management class! This class is totally online in format but we have 3 meeting times, this Wednesday Jan.10th 7 pm scheduled as I sent in my letter. It will be a short meeting since i am traveling to teach a graduate class in Arizona this weekend. I hope to have good phone connections. My availability will be limited Jan. Thursday 11-14th.

It is recommended you stay with the class, however I will open a few blocks ahead to start early. Jan. 6th so you a start this weekend if you like. Monday is when we start the class.

Course Description:
This course will provide students with an overview of mind body techniques to help manage stress and enhance health. Students will explore a variety of healing methods as well as practice, apply and demonstrate stress management intervention and management techniques. This course can be used to fulfill a Connection - Wellness* component of the General Education program. (WECO)