Calling all designers! In this section of Composition, we’ll explore the signi cance of visual communication and its powerful connection to writing. Over the course of the semester, students will be their own creative directors as they design, write, and publish (really publish!) their own digital magazines based on themes of their choosing. This composition course is open to all those who love design, whether it’s your hobby or your chosen major. This class is highly collaborative.

Composition is an introduction to the occasions and standards of college writing. Students develop writing abilities through the study and practice of writing processes. Students explore exible strategies for inventing, generating, drafting, reading, editing, sharing, and presenting their work. The study of ideas, evidence, organization, style, and convention is essential. Coursework stresses the importance of reading and writing for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communication. Students write for varied situations, in a variety of genres, and in response to personal experience, reading, research, argument, and demand. Students examine both the rhetorical and visual impact of the texts they produce. By the end of this course, students are better prepared for the writing they will do in college and beyond.