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AG2330 - An Introduction to Graphic Design Software

Credits: 3

Preliminary course for integrating design students with the necessary technological aspect of their visual communication education. Begins with a basic overview of the history and evolution of technology in design education and how it has impacted not only curriculum development, but the field and study of graphic design, culture and society. Explores the most indispensable software packages offered in the industry for digital graphics, then proceeds through a series of short projects and tutorials which enable the students to master the fundamental techniques used in these electronic design applications. Software types covered include: drawing, page layout and image-processing programs. Attention is given to word-processing as a necessary program for creating, importing and manipulating text copy into graphic applications. Students have hands-on instruction at Macintosh computer workstations throughout the course and learn associated information concerning the use of computer hardware peripherals, e.g., scanners, printers, etc. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. Prerequisite(s): Graphic Design majors or minors only, or permission of instructor. (TECO)