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AG3600 - Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator Techniques

Credits: 3

Continued study of 2 premier software packages featured in AG 2330. Proceeds from the student’s familiarity of Photoshop and Illustrator into the higher skill levels necessary for creating truly outstanding digital graphics. Provides a mastery-level achievement experience with the software and reveals capabilities through progressive techniques and variations that have students creating graphics with true authority. Students garner many new digital shortcuts, key commands and time-saving techniques in these programs that allow them to concentrate on their creative abilities, instead of experiencing technical roadblocks. The path to true creation on the computer for the practicing designer is to not be limited by technical shortcomings, but instead to be able to create and produce whatever the mind imagines. Students have hands-on instruction at Macintosh computer workstations. Springs. Prerequisite(s): AG 2330.