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AH3540 - Art and Ideas in the 19th Century

Credits: 3

Examines important artists, major artistic movements, critical issues and the literature and criticism of art during an extraordinarily dynamic and volatile period — the later 18th and 19th centuries (c. 1770-1900). Although consideration is given to such defining individuals as David, Manet and Gauguin, equal emphasis is accorded the historical, scientific/technological and social ideas which helped reframe conceptions of the artist, the arts, society and the world in general. Newer, critical approaches in art history including feminism, ethnicity/race and cultural studies are explored as well to challenge students to understand the multiple lenses by which art historians perceive, define and interpret this engaging period, both in Europe and in European colonies. Fall of even years. Prerequisite(s): Junior status. (GACO)(INCO)