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AP3101 - Immersion Wilderness Expedition

Credits: 4

Part of the Fall Immersion Semester. Presents an in-depth coverage of the planning, logistical preparation, risk management, technical and environmental skills of extended wilderness travel. Students plan, organize, and participate in a series of wilderness trips lasting from 4 to 15 days. Topics include: Leave No Trace ethics; backpacking; canoe camping; nutrition; meal planning; outdoor cooking; stove use; campsite selection; modern and traditional technology used in wilderness expeditions; map and compass navigation; route finding on and off trail; river crossing; bear camping; weather prediction. Students must have proper personal clothing and equipment for extended backcountry travel. Additional course fee required. Falls. Prerequisite(s): AP 2210. Corequisite(s): AP 3201, AP 3301, and AP 3401. (TECO)