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AP4200 - Teaching Assistantship in Adventure Education

Credits: 3
This course is repeatable.

Allows students to serve as a teaching assistant in a selected Adventure Education course. Students take active leadership roles by planning, sequencing, and teaching content knowledge, skills or value related lessons. Students receive supervision and feedback on their leadership, instructional planning, and teaching skills. Students also participate in a weekly seminar on teaching. Students may need to be involved in field-based trips lasting 1 to 15 days and must schedule their other courses accordingly. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Not open to students who have earned credit for AP 4300. Falls and Springs. Prerequisite(s): completion of at least 27 credits in Adventure Education courses including AP 2210, (AP 3510 or AP 3600), (AP 3301 or AP 3390), and (AP 3400 or AP 3401 or AP 3409 or current WFR); permission of the instructor.