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HD7022 - Practicum in Higher Education Administrative Leadership

Credits: 3 - 6
This course is repeatable.

The practicum/internship is designed to be a culminating experience that engages students in experiential learning in a setting that gives them practical experience in an area of their interest and network with leaders and practitioners in higher education administration. Students will design a practicum or internship that encompasses core principles from foundation courses, creates an experience that develops opportunities for working with interconnected aspects of higher education administration, and challenges them to engage in new settings. Planning for the practicum/internship early on is encouraged and students should be able to commit to a minimum of 150 hours. Students will work with their instructor to establish the focus and site of the practicum/internship placement for optimum opportunities to explore and understand the scope of roles and responsibilities of higher education administrators. Candidates develop and present their research project at the conclusion of the externship to faculty and peers. Students should be aware that a background check might be a requirement of certain externship sites.