Hometown Press Release

Send a Graduation Announcement Press Release to Your Hometown Newspaper

Congratulations on your graduation from PSU!

To mark this important milestone, we encourage you to send a personalized news release to your local newspaper(s). The templates include options for customizing a news release about yourself (or your student), including major(s), academic honors, volunteer or internship experiences, study abroad trips, and/or plans for the future.

  1. Copy the sample news release text into a new document.
  2. Replace bracketed information with your personal details. Newsrooms receive many e-mails, so you should keep your release short.
  3. Direct your graduation announcement to a general newsroom e-mail address, rather than to specific reporters.
  4. Copy the release and paste it directly into an e-mail message addressed to your local newspaper(s). Use the subject line “[City Name] Resident Graduates from Plymouth State University”
  5. If you wish to include a photo, add “Photo available upon request.” at the end of your news release. The newspaper will contact you if this is an option.


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