The Presidential Medallion
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the President’s Office and is worn on ceremonial occasions. Created when Plymouth State became a university, the medallion embodies parts of the official seal of the University, showing pictorial representations of Rounds Hall, The Old Man of the Mountain, the lamp of enlightenment, and our connection to the outdoors.  
The Mace
The tradition of the academic mace began in the late fourteenth century when two ancient instruments, the royal scepter and the battle mace, were combined to form a symbol of authority of the rector of a university. Today, the academic mace, along with the presidential medallion, signifies that the president of the university is the temporary embodiment of the power, authority, and autonomy vested in the institution.The faculty marshal carries the academic mace at public events such as commencement exercises and convocations as a symbol of the special stewardship authority and trust reposed in the faculty for the curriculum and academic affairs of the university.The PSU mace was designed and created by Professor of Sculpture Philip Lonergan in 2004.
The Alma Mater, our University Anthem
Changing of the Tassel
At commencement, tassels are traditional worn on the right side of the cap and then moved to the left once graduates process across the stage.
Social Media
Whether you’re already #plymouthstatealumni or you’re here to celebrate #plymouthstate2020, we invite you to join the Commencement conversation on social media. Before, during, and after the ceremony, please tag @plymouthstate and use the hashtags #plymouthstate2020, #WeArePlymouthState, and #pantherpride in your posts. We’ll be sharing Commencement updates, photographs, and videos throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Alumni can follow/tag @plymouthstatealumni on Facebook. Congratulations to all #plymouthstate2020 graduates. You have achieved your goal of earning a degree and we wish you the very best in the future! Thank you for being part of the Commencement conversation on social media.