Move-Out Directions

move-in814-021-250x166When picking up your student from campus during Move-Out Day, please ensure that you don’t park in a fire lane or handicapped parking area (unless you have a placard). If you’re loading a vehicle, please contact us in advance for parking instructions. Vehicles should not be in the bollard core areas without prior authorization, as they can create safety concerns.

Authorized vehicles used to actively move belongings from residence halls should activate their four-way flashers. If a vehicle is not being used for moving (e.g., helper’s vehicle or one that’s already full), said vehicle should be moved to the Kiosk Parking Lot by Student Apartments or to an available metered, on-street parking spot. A kiosk parking permit must be purchased if the vehicle does not have a current PSU Commuter parking permit.  If utilizing on-street parking, please ensure you pay the meter or you will be subject to ticketing by the Town of Plymouth.

If you have any special needs or questions, please contact us here or at (603) 535-2330 prior to coming to campus.