Snow Plowing Schedule & Alerts

Each year in early fall, Physical Plant establishes a lot maintenance schedule to allow for quick and efficient snow removal. This schedule takes effect with the first 2″ of snow after December 1 and continues until April 1. The schedule is posted on this web page, in each parking lot and residence hall, and in the HUB.

lot-maint-sched-15-16-355x460The times set for each lot show the start time for lot maintenance. Any vehicles not removed prior to the scheduled start time will be ticketed $150 and towed! This fine is non-negotiable due to towing costs. Exceptions will only be granted under extenuating circumstances.

As a courtesy, PSU offers students the ability to register for Lot Maintenance Text Alert reminders. These texts are reminders and do not supercede the Lot Maintenance Schedule. To receive these alerts, students must also be signed up for PSU Emergency Alerts.

Did your car battery die? Lock yourself out and can’t move your vehicle for Lot Maintenance?

Call UPD at (603) 535-2330 ext.3 and we’ll send over an officer to help jump start or unlock your vehicle!