Parents and Family

College. We tell them it’ll be the best years of their life. And, at Plymouth State, it can be — with a little guidance. Here are three simple tips you can use to help your student adjust to the changes that are to come:

#1 Acknowledge their feelings. It’s important to validate your child’s feelings. If they say they’re lonely, reminding them of all the new friends they’ve made won’t necessarily help. Logic and emotion don’t always match up. So, let them talk, assure them you understand, and that they’re not alone.

#2 Remind them of the importance of kindness. Kindness to themselves above all else. A recent study suggests that college students who know how to be kind and accepting of themselves fare better in transitioning to college than those who tend to be self-critical; they experience less homesickness and depression, and more satisfaction with their social lives.

#3 Encourage their individuality. Your child is about to meet a ton of new people. And that means a ton of new social media connections — many of whom will look like they are having the time of their lives. Remind your child that social media is a show, and that life is more complicated than that. Being honest about their feelings, good or bad, will keep them grounded.