At Plymouth State, we’re all about making sure each student gets the most out of their time here. That’s why each student is assigned an academic advisor. You’re encouraged to meet with your advisor to discuss your program requirements. We also have Student Success Coaches who are committed to ensuring each student reaches their goals and dreams.

Our Center also serves as an additional advising resource, particularly in relation to the graduation review process.

Each semester, students who have earned 48 credits become part of the graduation review process. Their remaining course requirements are evaluated, grade point averages are calculated, and a plan for completing outstanding coursework is established.

The Center’s role is to assist students with declared majors in:

  • reviewing remaining degree requirements;
  • calculating major, discipline, and minor GPA averages;
  • processing pertinent paperwork;
  • course planning for their remaining semesters; and
  • serving as a referral for available resources to help them achieve their goals.

The Center also manages the Academic Warning, Probation and Severance system on campus, and provides counsel to students in academic difficulty on the best and fastest ways to return to good academic standing.

We also serve as a resource for faculty and staff on any academic questions that may arise.

Our Calendar and Important Dates, Course Catalog and Course Schedule will help you get started on choosing courses. Then contact your academic advisor to start mapping out your amazing university career.