Post a Job or Internship

The Career Development Office partners with Handshake as our centralized career platform to post job and internship opportunities. All employers must create an account and be approved to post opportunities for Plymouth State University students.

For further guidance on posting jobs in Handshake, visit the robust Help Center for Employers.

To become an approved employer, the following criteria needs to be included in your Handshake profile:

  1. Organization/Company Name
  2. Organization/Company Description
  3. Contact/Staff Member Name affiliated with the organization/company
  4. Official organization/company website — Careers/Hiring Information must be included on your Handshake profile and/or on your company website
  5. Official organization/company phone number
  6. Official organization/company email domain – personal email addresses (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) will not be approved
  7. Full Business Address – personal/home addresses will not be approved

Minimum screening requirements to be included in all postings:

  1. Position title
  2. Clear job description including tasks and responsibilities
  3. Clear qualifications/eligibility information for the position

Standard positions and employers that will not be approved or posted in Handshake:

  1. International (address) employers – exceptions and additional screening is required for domestic organizations providing international employment opportunities
  2. Qualifications that do not align with our institutions academic programs (unless looking for all majors) or exceed 5+ years of experience alongside education level (i.e. Bachelors, Masters, PhD programs)
  3. Home-based, independent-contractor, and multi-level marketing based employers and position (not associated with an established company) – examples include but not limited to: baby-sitter, tutor, care-taker, nanny, landscaper or painter
  4. Third-party positions that do not meet and follow the criteria as set by NACE and Handshake Third-Party Requirements and do not disclose the name of the company they are recruiting and hiring on behalf of
  5. Positions that require deposits or fees for participation – there may be exceptions given what the fee covers and will be inquired further with the individual employer
  6. Cannabis/Marijuana companies and positions

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