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Important COVID-19 Information,

As of March 23, 2020, it is highly recommended that students no longer report in person to their internship sites. Instead, follow these steps: 

·       Inquire with your on-site supervisor and university internship advisor/placement coordinator to see if your internship or placement responsibilities can be completed through virtual/remote capabilities.  

·       If you are unable to complete your internship/placement through virtual/remote work, connect directly with your internship/placement advisor to devise alternative solutions to complete the remainder of your credit hours for the internship.  

Recommended Language from Career Development on Internships & Clinical Placements for FACULTY ADVISORS 

As of March 23, 2020, Plymouth State University strongly advises that all for-credit internship/placement experiences move to a remote option. Direct students to discuss with their on-site supervisor opportunities to transition their experience to virtual/remote functions.  

If virtual/remote functions are not possible, the following two options are recommended to transition the student into alternative solutions to complete their credit hours for the semester:  

1.      Consult with the Career Development Office to strategize alternative options (including project-based work and professional development opportunities) for students to complete the remainder of their credit hours. 

2.       If employers are unsure if/how they can transition their internship to a remote/virtual experience, connect them with the Career Development Office to brainstorm alternative solutions and/or provide best practices on transitioning an internship to virtual/remote work.  

To connect with the Career Development Office, please email Katie Gaebel at mkgaebel@plymouth.edu and Leslie Blakney at lablakney@plymouth.edu  

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Are you looking to have the Career Development Office deliver a workshop to your class during spring semester? We’ll be launching a new Career Development Workshop request form for all classroom and student organization workshop requests. Look for this form to release the first week of January. Note that any workshop requests for January or February must be submitted by Friday, January 17th.

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