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Career Planning
Career Planning Guide – A great place to start your conversation!
Refer to Career Services

Once you refer your student, they have access to the following opportunities!

Career and Major Exploration

Resume/Cover Letter Assistance

  • Receive resources and feedback on how to get started: what to put in and leave out, formatting tips, and overall concepts that will help write the first draft
  • Sit down one-on-one with a Career Counselor or Peer Advisor for a resume, cover letter, and/or curriculum vitae (CV) review
  • Talk with a Career Counselor about part-time/full-time job search strategies, networking, negotiation, company information, and more
  • Research opportunities on the Job Listing
  • Additional resources to support their internship

Career Counseling

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss career transitions, decisions, and resources with a Career Counselor
  • Talk with a Career Peer Advisor who is well prepared to discuss career, academic, and personal/social issues.

International Students’ Career Services

Career Exploration and Career Discovery Courses

Career Exploration

Are you looking to work on Initial career exploration with your student?  If they are a bit confused encourage them to use Focus2.  They can bring in a printout of their portfolio for a discussion with you.

Career Discovery Courses

A student may benefit from taking one of the Career Discovery Courses. These include Career Exploration (BUDI 2650), Career Development (BU 3720), and Professional Employment (BU 4650).  They cover a variety of career topics and are sequenced in a way to help as the students progress through their program and time here at PSU.  They are 3-credit classes and do meet some general education requirements. Instructors in those courses will guide students through numerous activities to help them get a better idea about majors and careers that would be a good fit for their personality and goals.  Regardless of program and major, these courses help students move forward in their career thinking and at any time, you’ll find, Chemistry, English Education, Marketing or Art History students in the class.

If you feel a  student would benefit from these objectives, check out course descriptions for more information. Recommend any interested student to add Career Exploration, Career Development or Professional Employment to their schedule!

Resources for Your Students

Offering resources to your student can often jumpstart the conversation.  Don’t underestimate that first conversation.  You may get the opportunity to help this student throughout their years here and who knows, they may end up coming back as alumni to present in your classes as a successful example of your program!

Check out our resources to find our collection of handouts, podcasts, links, and other resources all in one place. This is a great starting point to gathering information on any topic.

Write a Letter of Recommendation

Writing letters of recommendation for students applying to graduate schools and to jobs is an important, honorable, and time-consuming task. If asked, request the following from the student to provide  crucial information:

  • A current resume
  • Some academic  information such as copies of transcripts or list of courses completed
  • An explanation of  the student’s career goals, desired job, or preferred graduate program of study
  • Any ideas the  student has on what he/she would like you to address
  • Contact information  for the student
  • A deadline for completion

If you do not feel you could provide a particularly thorough or positive letter, let the student know when the request is made.

Think about involving any or all of the following in a letter of recommendation:

  • Explain your contact with the applicant
  • Personal attributes
  • Academic achievement
  • Employment/extracurricular activities
  • Honors received, academic or non-academic
  • Overall evaluation
  • Business phone and/or email (if you are willing to receive calls from employers or schools requesting further information on the applicant)

Do not include information that might indicate the individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender or marital status, UNLESS it is relevant to the position for which he/she is applying and you’ve discussed it with the student.

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