Helping Your Student

The Four-year Career Planning Guide is a great place to start!

Check In With Your Student

How has your student approached past decisions?

Whether they have changed a few times or have had trouble finding even one, every PSU student must choose a major to successfully graduate.

Once you know how your student makes decisions, check to see if they need assistance and be ready to provide support if needed. Your student may need lots of information and time to sort it out. Other students make decisions best by talking through their options and getting feedback from other people.

Start Academic Planning Now

What are the timelines for declaring a major?

The university typically allows up to 60 credit hours (or by the end of the sophomore year) to choose a major. However, there are competitive majors where separate requirements are needed. Encourage your student to start planning ahead as waiting until a school-imposed deadline may introduce additional stress and reduce options.

By starting early, they will have time to:

  • Examine skills, interests, careers and majors
  • Take courses in areas of interest
  • Talk to faculty, students and professionals in career fields
  • Gain firsthand experience through a job, organization, internship or job-shadow program to help narrow down their career choices

Understand The Options

What majors are offered at PSU?  Where should a student start?  One of the best resources on campus is our Undergraduate Advising Center.  They work with undecided students who may not yet chosen their major.  Equally important are those students who have declared a major but want to rethink their choice.  Starting here will give them lots of information and support to see what the future may hold.

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