Important COVID-19 updates,

As of March 23, 2020, it is highly recommended that students no longer report in person to their internship sites. Instead, follow these steps: 

·       Inquire with your on-site supervisor and university internship advisor/placement coordinator to see if your internship or placement responsibilities can be completed through virtual/remote capabilities.  

·       If you are unable to complete your internship/placement through virtual/remote work, connect directly with your internship/placement advisor to devise alternative solutions to complete the remainder of your credit hours for the internship.  

Recommended Language from Career Development on Internships & Clinical Placements for FACULTY ADVISORS 

As of March 23, 2020, Plymouth State University strongly advises that all for-credit internship/placement experiences move to a remote option. Direct students to discuss with their on-site supervisor opportunities to transition their experience to virtual/remote functions.  

If virtual/remote functions are not possible, the following two options are recommended to transition the student into alternative solutions to complete their credit hours for the semester:  

1.      Consult with the Career Development Office to strategize alternative options (including project-based work and professional development opportunities) for students to complete the remainder of their credit hours. 

2.       If employers are unsure if/how they can transition their internship to a remote/virtual experience, connect them with the Career Development Office to brainstorm alternative solutions and/or provide best practices on transitioning an internship to virtual/remote work.  

To connect with the Career Development Office, please email Leslie Blakney at You can also reach us at our department email,

Major and Career Discovery

This is not something you do as you approach graduation.  It’s something you work on during your entire college career!

Define YourselfSeek OptionsDevelop ExpertiseEngage in your SearchPrimer Videos

This is where you are able to explore your interests, skills that you possess and the values that define you.

  • Visit the Career Office, meet with a member of our team, and get familiar with the services we offer
  • Get to know faculty, staff, and alumni – establish a mentor
  • Explore major choices – talk with other students, faculty, and friends to discuss career choices
  • Utilize assessment tools to identify and explore your interests, abilities and work values – this can help you choose a major
  • Explore career ideas through informational interviews and job shadow opportunities
  • Get involved in campus and community activities and clubs, join at least one student organization
  • Practice speaking up in class, become a leader in discussions
  • Develop a strong GPA and begin developing your resume
  • Build experience – do volunteer work or apply for summer jobs – complete a job shadow with a local business or organization
Not sure which major at Plymouth State is right for you? Want to explore various career options? FOCUS 2, a career exploration and planning program is available to you.  Email for the Access Code. Take the assessment tools to determine your interests, skills, and values and how they relate to careers, occupations, and graduate school. Additionally, The Four-year Career Planning Guide is a great place to start!

Are you in the correct major?  What careers and pathways are out there that interest you?  Now’s the time to delve a bit deeper into your future plans.

  • Meet with a member of the Career Team at least once a semester
  • Explore career ideas through informational interviews
  • Build upon your career network of mentors, peers, faculty, and professionals – contact Career Development to explore alumni mentors
  • Take on leadership roles in campus and community activities and clubs
  • Become involved in student chapters of professional associations
  • Seek out Study Abroad opportunities
  • Begin to build your portfolio which highlights your experiences and knowledge
  • Attend career services events, workshops, and panels

What can you do with your major?

Employers hire people who can describe their experiences, have relevant experience through activities such as Internships, Study Away, and involvement with Clubs and Organizations.

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to plan your job search campaign
  • Develop a rapport with an Alumni Mentor
  • Narrow down career options through informational interviewing & networking
  • Study Abroad
  • Practice & perfect your interview skills – sign up for a mock interview with the Career Services Office
  • Update your resume and maintain a strong GPA
  • Start acquiring a professional wardrobe
  • Research graduate schools if that’s where your plans are leaning

Find out what Plymouth State University has to offer in the way of internships.

Meet with a Career Counselor to talk about getting involved with programs such as Informational Interviewing, job shadowing, acquiring volunteer experience, and joining clubs and organizations on campus.

Consider adding a Study Abroad experience to your program which many employers value.

Leadership skills can be developed by joining a variety of clubs and organizations on campus.

Do you have your job search tools ready?  Get help in the job search process, work on your interview skills, fine tune resume, find industries and employers to apply to, and consider graduate school.

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your job search plan
  • Research companies and gather information on realistic salary expectations
  • Begin interviewing 6-9 months before graduation
  • Attend Job Fairs
  • Network with Alumni and professionals in your chosen field
  • Apply to graduate school
  • Learn to recite your strengths with a 30-second “elevator pitch”
  • Maintain and update your portfolio
  • Collect recommendations and references from your faculty and work supervisors
  • Expand your professional wardrobe

Networking – the best way to manage your career search and opportunities.

Job Opportunities Listing is your online access to jobs, internships and careers.

Job Searching – time to begin looking for your next opportunity.

Graduate School –  is it in your future?

These videos are free to view online and can help you develop the basic career skills you need to be successful.  If you have any difficulties with any of these links, or have additional questions regarding this material, please contact us at

Career Exploration

Resume and Cover Letters

Interview Preparation

Networking and Job Search


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