Graduate School

So, You Want to Go to Graduate School?

  • Should you go to graduate school right away or wait awhile and then apply?
  • How do you decide which school is best for you?


How defined are your goals? Have you talked with people in your field to explore what you might be doing after graduate school?


Have you done some “hands-on” reality testing? Have you completed an internship or worked in your chosen field?


What is the probability of finding employment in the field with and without an advanced degree? Is the additional schooling essential to your entry into the field?


Do you truly understand what you will gain by pursuing an advanced degree? Have you compared your expectations of what graduate school will do for you with what it has done for other graduates?


You generally need a solid grade point average (B or 3.00 gpa) or a series of prerequisite classes before entering graduate school. Are you prepared?


Calculate the academic and personal expenses of another degree. Can you afford this? Have you identified ways to finance such a decision?

Further Questions

Consider coming into the Career Office during our Drop-In hours to consult with one of our Career Peer Advisors to determine if Grad School is right for you and see if you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for it.

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