Panthers Say Something When They See Something

At PSU, Panthers look out for one another. Whether you are concerned about a friend because they are engaging in unhealthy behaviors, or you pass an interaction between others that doesn’t seem quite right, it is important to share that information with staff who can help so that you aren’t alone in supporting them. Below you will find some ways you can be more than just a bystander by speaking up and reaching out.

CARE Program

The Plymouth State University CARE (Concern, Awareness, Referral, and Engagement program) program provides holistic intervention and resource referral to connect students to appropriate campus and local resources supporting their success at PSU.

Through the use of this online reporting tool, the CARE form, faculty, staff, students, and family members are able to inform the Dean of Students office when a student may be in need or when they may have experienced an emergency or significant incident impacting their ability to succeed- temporarily or long term- in the campus environment.

Most often, the CARE program makes small interventions that have a big impact on a student getting connected to the proper people and places on campus. If you have a concern about a fellow classmate or friend, it is better to share information rather than keep it to yourself. You can submit a CARE Form here.

UPD Silent Witness Program

If you ever witness at crime at PSU but don’t want to be identified as a reporter, the University Police Department offers the Silent Witness Program. Just call (603) 535-TIPS (8477) or submit the simple form here to share the information you have with police so that they can investigate when appropriate to do so.

Speak Up, Reach Out

An active bystander is someone who is present during a concerning situation, recognizes that there is a problem, chooses to intervene, and connects those involved with appropriate resources. Check out this video for tips on how you can be an active bystander while still keeping yourself and others safe. *Disclaimer: Some scenes may be triggering for some individuals*