Our Learning Model: Integrated Clusters

What does “integrated clusters” even mean? The truth is that most innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. The invention of the iPhone, as outlined in the image below, is a prime example of how collaboration and integration of different disciplines is crucial to innovative approaches to problem-solving.

By studying critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom, and then applying them to address challenges in engaging open labs and real-world projects, students will work with each other, faculty, staff, and community members to learn how to successfully create solutions in an increasingly complex and interdisciplinary world.

Your cluster experience will center around four Tools (First Year Seminar, Open Laboratories, General Education Direction Courses, and Integrated Capstone Experience) and Habits of Mind (Purposeful Communication, Problem Solving, Integrated Perspective, and Self-Regulated Learning). To learn more about everything having to do with clusters click here.