Our Global Fall  Orientation (for both International and Exchange Students) will fully prepare you to be a successful student at PSU!  This mandatory program for all new PSU international (F-1) and exchange (J-1 and NSE) students establishes a foundation for success.

Highlights of the International & Exchange Orientation
  • Airport Pick-Up from Boston-Logan Airport
  • Early Move-In to campus housing
  • University and academic information sessions
  • tour of campus and Town of Plymouth, New Hampshire
  • US government-mandated immigration sessions (F-1 and J-1 students)
  • session on personal safety and health, including local/state/federal laws and legal system with local law enforcement officials
  • exposure and introduction to the surrounding community
  • cross-cultural training to adapt to life in New Hampshire
  • opportunity to get settled (ex: shopping for dorm living, opening bank accounts, purchasing cell phones)
  • excursions to local attractions
  • social activities with Residential Life and Student Activities Departments
  • plenty of food
  • and meeting new friends!

The Global Orientation occurs prior to the required Plymouth State’s Fall orientation — yes, you’ll be involved with TWO orientations! The Global Orientation team is comprised of University staff and an amazing group of student leaders.  We guarantee by the first day of classes you will be well-informed about student life at Plymouth State, and will have had many opportunities to meet and make new friends, have fun and be ready to start your academic career as a Panther!

The Fall  Orientation Schedule will be posted here when it is completed.     You will be busy from the time you arrive  through to the first day of classes! Don’t worry: you’ll have time to go shopping, get a cell phone, open a bank account, get settled in your on-campus room, get your classes organized, and start making new friends!

To be a part of this amazing welcoming to Plymouth State, you need to complete the Orientation and Arrival Form

Orientation and Arrival Form
Orientation and Arrival Form

Orientation Schedule and Arrival Form:

International Panther Days Orientation Schedule

Schedule will be posted soon!

Arrival Form: You MUST complete this

Orientation and Arrival Form here!

As the Panther said, we ask everyone to complete the Orientation and Arrival Form with all of your arrival details so we know when and how you will arrive to campus and can plan for your arrival accordingly.

Mandatory Arrival Day will be scheduled 1 week before the beginning of classes.  If you book a flight before the scheduled arrival date, then you will need to plan your own accommodation (hotel, friend’s house, etc.) until you arrive on campus. Unfortunately, early arrival on campus before is NOT possible. On the scheduled day of arrival, we offer a free Airport Pick-Up (Time will be early afternoon). If you wish to utilize this pick-up, you need to complete the arrival form.

How to arrive to Plymouth State University’s campus

Free Airport Pick-Up (Terminal E, Time Will Be Early Afternoon

Airport Pick-UP (Time Will be Early Afternoon): You must meet the Global Orientation Leaders at Dunkin’ Donuts in Terminal E Arrivals at Boston-Logan Airport at

Car Arrival
Arriving by Car:
Please arrive between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Directions to Global Engagement Office here. Arriving By Car Instructions
 After-Hours Arrival:

Should you be arriving after 4:00pm AND you will be ON campus, please call the Residential Life After-Hours Phone at 603.481.3004.  If you will be living OFF campus, it is assumed that you have already made arrangements with your landlord for key pick up. We are unable to assist with any off campus housing arrangements.

Finally, in the event of an emergency please call our University Police Department at 603.535.2330 or dial 911.

Private Car Arrival:
Bus transportation is recommended, as a taxi or shuttle ride will be a lot more expensive (Plymouth State is approximately a 2 hour car drive from Boston).  However, you can look into scheduling a personal car shuttle to 6 Post Office Square Plymouth, NH, 03264. This is the Town Hall which is a short walk to Speare on campus, where our office is located. Here are two shuttle companies:

Again, be sure to inform us (Orientation and Arrival Form) of your transportation plans to Plymouth State so we can meet you when you get to campus. If you need advice on arriving to campus, please contact the Global Engagement Office  603.535.3370

Before you arrive to Plymouth State you need to…

Set up your MyPlymouth account

You should by now have a myplymouth account, which will allow you to check email, pay your bill, and check your schedule. The email with instructions as to how to do this should have been sent to your personal email address that you put on your application. In the subject line, it should say Welcome to PSU, Claim your Account…or something like that. Check your junk/spam mail, as it may have been filtered out. If you are having difficulty, or did not receive that email, please contact the Plymouth State Help Desk directly at helpdesk@plymouth.edu.

Apply for On-Campus Housing and Meal Plan

You should have or will soon be receiving an email from Kathy Peverly (kkpeverly@plymouth.edu), Housing Coordinator, about filling out your housing application if you intend to live on campus. Please make sure to fill out the application and follow directions that she gives you for a better chance of getting into the housing you would like. Housing selections are very competitive, so the earlier you submit your application, the better.

  • Residential Life WebsiteHousing Application is located in right corner. If you are not 20 years old by January 30, you are REQUIRED to live on campus
  • Residence Hall Options
    • Traditional Residence Halls: the rooms are shared with roommates who sleep and live in the same space (double means 2 beds, triple means 3 beds). The bathrooms and showers are shared with the entire floor of rooms (40+ students) and there is only one kitchen that the entire building (300+ students) share. Because the kitchen space is not ideal for daily cooking, it is usually a requirement to purchase a meal plan that allows you to eat your meals in the dining hall. If you are a first year student, you will likely live in a traditional residence hall.
    • On-Campus Apartments: White Mountain Apartments and Non-Traditional apartments have a kitchen and bathroom and common space (salon) which is only shared with maximum 4 people that either have their own rooms, or share with one other person. You need to be 20 years of age or have 60 transfer credits to live here.
    • Langdon Woods: Is like a hotel. You will share a double (2 beds) or triple (3 beds) with roommates in the same space. But, you will only share the bathroom and shower with your roommates, not the entire floor. Still, there is only one kitchen for the whole building, so you will need a meal plan.
  • Residential Life Frequently Asked Questions – many questions and answers about living on campus at Plymouth State
  • Pre-Order Bed Sheets Here – You can have bed sheets mailed to Plymouth State University, Global Engagement, MSC#62, Plymouth, NH 03264
  • Meal Plan Information – With a meal plan, you will eat your main meals in the Prospect Dining Hall. 1 swipe is an all you can eat buffet meal with many food and drink options.

Off-Campus Housing: You are eligible to live off campus if you are 20 years of age on or before January 30. However, neither our office nor Plymouth State can assist you in any way to help you secure off-campus housing, or solve any legal issues or problems that arise from your off-campus housing situation. It is recommended to live on campus your first term or year and explore the community in person before committing to an off-campus apartment and signing a legal contract or lease.

On-Campus Graduate Student Housing: If you are coming to PSU for a graduate program and, please contact Kathy Peverly (kkpeverly@plymouth.edu) for on-campus graduate student housing information.

Pay Your Bill
In your MyPlymouth (under the “Services” tab at the top, click on “view my bill” in the “MyFinances” block) you will be able to see your bill for room and board. All bills are due by the start of the term. Please pay your bill before you arrive by using FlyWire (online payment mechanism). You can access the FlyWire payment system by using this link: International Student Payments

If you are having trouble with FlyWire, there are many ways to get help on their website. If you are still having issues, after you have viewed the tutorial, please contact Student Account Services at psu-studentaccount@plymouth.edu.

Take the Online Math Placement Exam (F-1 Students Only)
Information on the Math Placement test is here

Direct Link to the Math Placement Test is on the bottom of that page

Connect with one of our Global Ambassador Orientation Leaders
Our Global Orientation Leaders (GOLs) will be the ones to welcome you to campus when you first arrive for orientation! They are current students with a strong interest to meet you and help you acclimate to life in Plymouth State. You will be assigned one of them as a mentor and he or she will reach out to you via email to see how you are doing and if you have any questions about coming to the USA, New Hampshire and/or Plymouth State. When you get to campus, you will get to meet them and other new students in some fun team activities!
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