Chantalle Forgues

January 13th, 2015 by Christian

Chantalle Forgues

Professor Forgues takes pride in going to bat for her students. She explains, “It may come from my training in law. As a lawyer, I am always a good advocate for my clients; as a professor and advisor, I am a good advocate for my students. ” After earning her undergraduate degree from Middlebury College (VT), she went to Boston University School of Law. She eventually went on to work for WilmerHale, a large and prestigious law firm in Boston.

While working for WilmerHale, Professor Forgues participated in a teaching fellowship at Brandeis University, where, as she puts it, “I got bit by the teaching bug.” Soon after, she accepted a full time teaching position at PSU. As she began her teaching career, she also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from PSU.

Q: What do you hope students get out of your classes?

A: “From a legal perspective, I want them to see the banana on the floor before people fall on it. It is important for students to identify legal issues before they become problems. Ethical decision making is also very important to me, not just in law, but also in life. At the end of the day, ethics is the most important thing I can instill in my students.”

Q: What is your most rewarding class to teach?

A: “Sports Law. There is so much controversy in sports and much of it involves the law. I want my students to understand the legal implications of sport-related events they hear about in the news, so we start each class with a conversation about legal implications of current events.”

Q: What does is feel like to see an advisee graduate?

A: “Advising students and seeing them get awesome jobs with sports teams and other great organizations is the most rewarding part of teaching.”

Q: In your early career as a professor, what highlights stand out for you?

A: “I was one of the two faculty members who got to skate with Bruins alumni during a Sports Marketing class event here on campus. And, I will never forget the Flutie Fest, either. Doug Flutie came and played football against a bunch of student teams; I got to play on the one faculty team!”


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