David Talbot

May 28th, 2015 by Christian


Professor David Talbot’s great grandfather started Talbots, which grew to be the largest men’s clothing retail store north of Boston. Professor Talbot took a different path from the retail business and instead pursued a career in banking, advancing from clerk to senior vice president.  He then had the opportunity to start Granite Bank in Milford where he served as President and CEO. Later he followed his heart, and hobby, by pursuing a career in the ski industry. He served as Treasurer for Booth Creek Ski Holdings (8 ski resorts throughout the U.S.), Chief Financial Officer at Loon Mountain and Stratton Mountain, and CEO of Bolton Valley. Fortunately for the students of PSU, he recognized his true vocation as teaching and advising, and he now brings all those years of industry knowledge into the classroom.  We sat down with Professor Talbot to learn more about him.


Q:  What do you enjoy about teaching Plymouth State students?


A:  “I love the relationships I have and continue to build as a teacher and advisor of students.  As an advisor, I have become a resource for résumé critiques and interview preparation. I have spent hours talking with students about career paths.  I take a lot of pride in maintaining relationships with students after they graduate.”


Q:  When you are not on campus, what do you enjoy doing?


A:  “I travel; I have been to 45 of the 50 states in the USA and five of the seven continents on the planet. I twice served as the faculty leader for PSU’s freshman study abroad program at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I have led a group of students in a semester study abroad at Sant’ Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy.  Sharing my love of traveling with students through study abroad programs has lea to many great relationships.”


Q:  What accomplishments are you most proud of throughout your career?


A:  “First my family: I have a very supportive wife who also accompanies me on the faculty led study abroad programs.  I am proud of the accomplishments of our son who is an accomplished musician and college professor at Gettysburg College.  I am also close with our daughter, her husband and our two grandsons.  Of many rewards received over the years, I think my favorite accomplishment as a professor was when students voted to induct me into PSU’s chapter of the Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society. I am proud of being recognized for making a difference in the lives of students.”

Christina Bradbury

May 28th, 2015 by Christian


Professor Christina Bradbury demonstrates the value of an undergraduate degree from Plymouth State University. Her PSU Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and minor in Mathematics prepared her to earn a Master of Science in Finance. With that, she became a senior financial analyst for the Bank of New Hampshire. Most recently she received her Doctorate in Business Administration from Anderson University. Her published doctoral research is on financial management in the healthcare industry, so her expertise is in demand. She has presented her research at conferences across the country, and she creates and delivers training webinars for the Healthcare Financial Management Association.


Professor Bradbury found her passion for teaching while participating in a community outreach Junior Achievement program at a local high school.

Q: What challenges has teaching at the undergraduate level presented you?

A: “Most students have not studied accounting or finance in high school, so they are anxious coming into their first college classes in these subjects. Helping students overcome their initial anxiety is a big part of what I enjoy about teaching. Introducing them to this material gives me an opportunity to support their personal growth by teaching them the language of business.”

Q: What do students discover about you after getting to know you?

A: I pride myself on organization and am very detail-oriented when it comes to the courses I teach. But, what students discover is that I’m more laid-back than they thought I’d be. My students and I share a lot of common interests: running, skiing, and hiking. They also learn that I coach basketball for my daughter’s team.


Q: Your students say you “put yourself in their shoes” and, at the same time, you are “an expert in your field.” What are some things you do to stay current in your field?

A: “Like a student, I consider myself to be a work-in-process. I ask a lot of questions, not only of my students, but of myself. I always have research project in process and I attend professional conferences. You will find me attending regional and national conferences of American Accounting Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the International Atlantic Economic Society.”

Chantalle Forgues

January 13th, 2015 by Christian

Chantalle Forgues

Professor Forgues takes pride in going to bat for her students. She explains, “It may come from my training in law. As a lawyer, I am always a good advocate for my clients; as a professor and advisor, I am a good advocate for my students. ” After earning her undergraduate degree from Middlebury College (VT), she went to Boston University School of Law. She eventually went on to work for WilmerHale, a large and prestigious law firm in Boston.

While working for WilmerHale, Professor Forgues participated in a teaching fellowship at Brandeis University, where, as she puts it, “I got bit by the teaching bug.” Soon after, she accepted a full time teaching position at PSU. As she began her teaching career, she also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from PSU.

Q: What do you hope students get out of your classes?

A: “From a legal perspective, I want them to see the banana on the floor before people fall on it. It is important for students to identify legal issues before they become problems. Ethical decision making is also very important to me, not just in law, but also in life. At the end of the day, ethics is the most important thing I can instill in my students.”

Q: What is your most rewarding class to teach?

A: “Sports Law. There is so much controversy in sports and much of it involves the law. I want my students to understand the legal implications of sport-related events they hear about in the news, so we start each class with a conversation about legal implications of current events.”

Q: What does is feel like to see an advisee graduate?

A: “Advising students and seeing them get awesome jobs with sports teams and other great organizations is the most rewarding part of teaching.”

Q: In your early career as a professor, what highlights stand out for you?

A: “I was one of the two faculty members who got to skate with Bruins alumni during a Sports Marketing class event here on campus. And, I will never forget the Flutie Fest, either. Doug Flutie came and played football against a bunch of student teams; I got to play on the one faculty team!”


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